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Workforce Ready 502

Nonprofit Arm


Executive Director

Luther Pearson

A native of North Carolina, Luther moved to Louisville in 2012. He has been a member of Unite 502 since 2019. When not working as a licensed Realtor, Luther works for an independent Rheumatology practice in the billing and account management space. He enjoys traveling, reading, and watching sports. His vision for Workforce Ready 502 is that every mentee and mentor would be able to see their impact on the city of Louisville and the lives of the communities we serve. Through Workforce Ready we will continue to Unite 502.

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About Us

Workforce Ready 502

Workforce Ready 502 was built out of necessity. There is a need to connect young men of color with opportunities in our community to experience economic empowerment. We leverage our community partnerships and the members of Unite 502 for mentoring opportunities. We also utilize our Unite 502 platform to expose young men in the community to top minority leaders involved in corporate, civic, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

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