About Us

Unite 502 is building a commUNITY of leaders for men of color in the Louisville, KY area. 

As you move up in your profession, be it corporate, civic, nonprofit, or academic, you'll find the spaces you occupy become less and less diverse, especially for men of color. It can be difficult to find someone who can relate to your experience or help you navigate those spaces. 

That's where Unite 502 comes in. We provide our members with a community of like-minded professionals who can relate to your experience as well as provide you with guidance on how to navigate those spaces. We are a mix of community leaders, entrepreneurs, and business leaders who share our expertise in leadership, wealth creation, maintaining your mental and physical health, as well keeping a healthy marriage and family life. 

So whether you're new to the Louisville area or born and raised here, come join us in Uniting Our City! 

OUR VISION- Recognize and celebrate our unique differences and experiences with like-minded individuals. 

OUR MISSION- Create one-of-kind experiences where our members can grow both personally and professionally.