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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When was Unite 502 started? April 2019

  • Are there any COVID protocols? For our in-person speaker events it’s to the discretion of the speaker rather mask are needed. For all other in-person events we recommend a mask. 

  • What does our membership include? Professional and Personal development through our Invest in Yourself speaker series, which is exclusive to our members. Access to some of the top leaders from inside and outside of our community. Opportunities to connect with our members from different professions. 

  • How often do we meet? We host a minimum of 6 Invest in Yourself events every year. We host our Invest in Yourself events once a month. On the off months we offer Social or Volunteer events. 

  • What does the Invest in Yourself event look like? They are typically held between Tuesday and Thursday. They are hosted in the evenings, with the earliest start time of 5:30pm. All of these events are catered. We provide time on the front end of the events to network. 

  • What does our membership cost? $150-$300

  • What does the membership fee cover? General operating cost, venue space, and catering cost.

  • How long does your membership last? We only offer annual memberships. Memberships renewals happen every September to October.

  • Who are our events open to? Invest in Yourself events are only open to our members. Social and Volunteer events are open to the public. 

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